SGK Mass Calibration Laboratory has the capabilities of providing mass calibrations from 1 mg to 2000 kg. Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of quality calibration by pursuing every measurement detail in order to achieve the most accurate and repeatable calibration in the industry. Starting with a stable and tightly controlled environment, followed by using the finest equipment available, with highly trained personnel executing proven procedures, we produce a precise measurement. Our goal is to provide our customers with the lowest measurement uncertainties achievable.

SGK Mass Calibration Laboratory was constructed to meet the strict environmental guidelines. In order to maintain the strictly controlled environment, the Mass Calibration Laboratory were designed and constructed within a building. The climate in the Mass Calibration Laboratory is strictly monitored and controlled having its own systems.

Temperature in the laboratory is measured and maintained at (20 + 1.5) ° C for Accuracy Class "F1" and below.relative Humidity is measured to (45 + 15) % with no more than a 5% change per hour.Barometric pressure resolution is 0.01 mbar.

 Our capabilities include:
 » weight class F1 and below
 » all kind of balances up to 2000 kg
 » volumetric vessels