SGK temperature calibration LAB is performed in a very well equipped Environmental Laboratory with a variety of fluid baths and high temperature furnace, all of which provide very stable isothermal environments for the temperature calibration of semi standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers and thermocouples using comparative techniques.

Low temperatures, down to -40 °C are achieved using an ISOTECH MODEL: 798 M Advanced Temperature Calibrator.

SGK Calibration has wide experience in the temperature calibration of semi standard Resistance thermometers and thermocouples. We can also provide the coefficients based on IEC 751.

The reference probes we are using for the comparison method is: SPRT Model: 909H of ISOTECH with the uncertainty : 0.005 ºC and standard thermocouple Model: CTP9000 of WIKA with uncertainty: 1 to 1.5 ºC.

We can provide a standard traceable temperature calibration and certification over the range :

Temperature :-40 to  1200º C : with uncertainties as low as  0.0.4 ºC.

As well as PRT's and Thermocouples we also provide:

  • Temperature calibration of Dry block calibrators and liquid bath calibrator with stability and uniformity report.
  • Standard traceable calibration of Infrared (none-contact) thermometers from -20 to 1200ºC.